Tooth Whitening

The universal point of view of an aesthetic smile is “having white and shiny teeth.” Since there has been an unchanged perspective for many centuries, many studies have been conducted on this topic.

The whitening of the teeth occurs in two ways:

Office application: The dentist applies gums to the gums after cleaning the teeth. After applying the whitening gel to the tooth surface, the gel is renewed at intervals of 15 minutes. The 60-minute session can be repeated and repeated for 1 day to achieve the desired whiteness.

Home application: After cleaning the surface of the teeth, the tooth shape is formed. A harmonic plaque is prepared in the patient’s teeth. Place the bleach gel in the syringe in the plate and mount the plate for 120 minutes. Applying this method for 3 consecutive days will produce a nice and lasting result.

Dental Implant

This is one of the treatments used when we lose one or more teeth for some reason. We apply the helical parts of the tooth root, which are applied to the nests prepared in the jawbone, as dental implants.

There are many different types of implant designs, and it is important to know which type of bone should be used. In this practice, our bone rigidity, size, quality and volume are selected taking into account the most appropriate implant type by selecting the implant type.

Immediately after the implant application, porcelain veneer or provisional coating can be applied. After waiting for the fusion process, the bone structure and the prosthetic part of the implant can be applied.

Porcelain Lamina

It is a method and treatment that can be defined as porcelain surface coatings, applied as a thin layer and used for dental aesthetics. The biggest benefit to those who are to be treated is that their teeth should not be rubbed off at all or only part of the protective topcoat should be rubbed off. This preserves the natural tooth structure.

Smile Design

The smile design begins with taking professional facial photos at different angles through the dentist. The design of the existing teeth and the definition of the smile of the person’s dream determine the design.

In this light, dentist and dental technician work together to create the appropriate prototype. Small orders are made according to the criteria of the patient and the doctor and the result is achieved.