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Hair Transplant

January 23, 20230

Hair transplantation is one of the most common transplants. Hair transplantation, also known as treatment against baldness, is the transfer of hair follicles taken from the back of the head to the area where the hair is shed.

Is There Any Scar After Hair Transplantation?

What should be considered after hair transplantation is often wondered by people who have or are considering hair transplantation. Doing what is said by the experts and following the advice ensures the process to be successful. The post-operative process is a long process and therefore requires patience. After the operation, there is no scar because no incision is made during the operation.

However, some non-serious side effects are possible. Swelling may be common after hair transplantation. Swelling is usually harmless and temporary. It is necessary to apply cold compresses to the swollen area, drink plenty of water and keep the swelling area elevated.

Redness, light bleeding or itching on the scalp is also normal after the operation. Side effects that do not improve within two weeks are considered indicative of infection. If these complaints do not go away within two weeks, it is necessary to go to the doctor. It is also important in the recovery process not to disrupt the planned check-ups.

When Does Hair Grow After Hair Transplantation?

People who have hair transplantation may act impatiently by asking for the hair to grow immediately. However, hair transplantation and hair growth can take a long time as it is a natural process. It is also normal to have hair loss or growth after the procedure is completed. After the operation is completed, the hair starts to grow in 2-3 months on average.

The newly grown hair may not grow evenly, so it is possible to adjust the size of the hair with the approval of the doctor. You can have a haircut in this process by consulting a doctor. You should definitely take care of the hair that comes out and you should not neglect its care.

Using the shampoo recommended by the doctor and doing what is said helps the process to proceed more normally. One year after the hair transplant operation, the hair regains its natural appearance and after this period, it is possible to use both normal shampoos and normal care products.

When Is A Natural Look Obtained After Hair Transplantation?

In the third week after the hair transplant is over, the redness and swelling around the hairline are largely eliminated. During this period, it is possible to start exercising under the supervision of a doctor, but it is recommended to avoid heavy exercises. After the second month, hair loss decreases and new hair starts to grow. The growth rate of the hair may not be the same and regular.

Paying attention to care in this process is important both for healthy hair growth and for reducing the risk of infection. After the sixth month after the procedure, the hair begins to grow and thicken. After this period, the hair becomes available for combing, grooming and shaving. Since there is no equal extension, it is possible to adjust the size of the hair and cut it.

It is possible to have natural and fuller looking hair 1 year after the operation. After that, the hair continues to grow and grow. It is possible to use standard shampoo and care products after this time.

Will there be shedding in the transplanted hair after hair transplantation?

It is normal to have slight hair loss within ten days after the hair transplant operation. At certain intervals, people’s hair may fall out or their hair may grow. Since this shed hair is unhealthy hair, stronger and healthier hair can be replaced.

People who experience shedding after hair transplantation should meet this situation as normal. Since the scalp and hair need an adaptation period after the intervention, it is necessary to allow time. Not interrupting the doctor’s checkups and doing what is said by the specialist ensures that the process proceeds in a healthy way.

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