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Dental Implant Treatment

January 23, 20230

The process of replacing the missing tooth with new roots and teeth is called dental implant treatment. Thanks to this implant, which is one of the most advanced applications of modern technology, the teeth are made complete. Especially with the implant tooth, which is prepared in accordance with the person’s own tooth structure, the empty tooth is filled without any discomfort in the mouth.

Tooth decay or fracture due to various reasons. Some teeth do not have filling treatment. Tooth loss occurs due to weakening of the tooth root. One of the best practices for tooth loss is implant treatments. Within the scope of this treatment, the new tooth is placed in the mouth. The tooth, which is prepared with specially taken measurements, provides full harmony in the mouth.

For healthy food consumption, teeth must be complete. Implant treatments consist of a special root placed on the jawbone and a tooth attached to it. This root, which is placed, does not cause a feeling of falling, breaking or pain again. With the smooth progress of the applied treatment stages, a healthy new tooth is obtained.

To Whom Is Dental Implant Treatment Applied?

Dental implant treatments are one of the appropriate treatment options for people who have lost their teeth. Missing teeth cause various oral problems. In order to prevent these, a new root and tooth are added instead of the tooth. Implants are applied in cases where the tooth structure is rotten and the filling treatments are insufficient.

This treatment is one of the procedures that is beneficial in cases of tooth root decay and deterioration of its structure. The new root designed with zirconium is placed in the jawbone. This application is made for teeth that are decayed and cannot be treated.

How Is Dental Implant Treatment Performed?

The application steps of dental implant treatments vary from person to person. People who experience a broken tooth or a feeling of intense pain in their teeth learn the basic problem in the tooth by going through expert control. Then tooth extraction occurs. Medication is administered to close this opening and to relieve inflammation, if any.

Then, the new tooth root made of zirconium material is placed in the empty part of the jawbone. After this process, a new tooth is designed by taking special measurements for the tooth. Finally, this tooth is attached to the root and a new tooth is formed.

What Should Be Considered at the End of Dental Implant Treatments?

Immediately after dental implant treatment procedures, proper care should be performed for the tooth structure. It is necessary to brush the teeth regularly twice a day, especially with the use of soft brushes. In these brushing processes, the brushes with sharp bristle roots can enter between the teeth more easily and clean the bacteria there.

Then dental floss should be used. Most tooth loss is due to caries. Caries formation occurs when the spaces between the teeth are not cleaned adequately. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of dental floss and mouthwash.

What Care Should Be Taken to Protect the Dental Implant?

Protecting the dental implant offers use for many years. In order for the implant to remain healthy, regular maintenance is required. The person should use a paste suitable for their own tooth structure. At the same time, the use of rope should be repeated regularly without interruption. It is important to stay away from very cold or hot foods and beverages that will disrupt the tooth structure for the implant to remain healthy.

How Long Does Dental Implant Treatment Take?

The duration of dental implant treatment differs from person to person. Treatment of people with a problematic root structure may take several months. However, with the rapid treatment stages, the dental implant is completed in about 1 month. People can easily consume their food by having a healthy tooth.

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