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Prp Hair Treatment

January 23, 20230

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is known as PRP. It is a treatment applied in the form of injection of the blood taken from the patients into the necessary body tissues after undergoing some procedures.

PRP treatment, which is a remedy for aesthetic problems, is an operation that is also applied in hair loss. Some people have sparse and weak hair. In particular, it contributes to making your hair healthy again as before.

What is PRP Hair Treatment?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. The process of repairing hair follicles by applying the materials taken from the patients’ own blood to the scalp is called PRP hair treatment. PRP hair application provides great benefits in a short time and is one of the best methods applied to prevent hair loss. In the PRP method, the person’s own blood is used to repair the hair follicles.

Therefore, there is no risk of any contagious disease. In addition, due to the use of the patient’s own blood, there is no allergic condition. After the application, the revival of the hair follicles is noticed in a short time. PRP hair treatment is a treatment method developed since 2009.

With the PRP method, which strengthens the hair follicles, the hair becomes healthier and thicker. It also minimizes problems such as spillage. Deformities and diseases on the scalp are treated with this method. Known as the hair transplant method, PRP is not actually a hair transplant method, it is a hair health improvement technique.

How is PRP Hair Treatment Applied?

Before starting PRP hair treatment, a physical examination is performed. With this examination, the health of the hair and scalp is evaluated. If there are problems, they are evaluated and it is checked whether the person is suitable for PRP application. If there is no problem, PRP hair treatment is applied to the person. This application is made in the following stages:

  • First, blood is taken from the patient himself for the procedure. The collected blood is subjected to centrifugation.
  • Thanks to this process, platelet plasma is separated.
  • Plasma with platelets is applied in PRP process.
  • Afterwards, the areas to be treated are cleaned and cream is applied to numb them.
  • Obtained platelet plasma is injected into the scalp.
  • The injection process is done with the help of a fine-tipped injector.
  • After the injection process, the area is cleaned.
  • Then the PRP hair treatment process ends. After the procedure, patients can return to their daily life.
  • What are the Reasons for Preferring PRP Hair Treatment?

After the application of PRP hair treatment, serious changes occur in the hair and skin area of ​​the people. PRP hair treatment has many advantages in this sense. We can list the reasons why PRP hair treatment is preferred as follows:

  • PRP hair treatment, which provides protection against hair loss, increases the vitality of the hair follicle.
  • Promotes hair growth. It provides tissue repair in the hair and increases the recovery of the scalp after hair transplantation.
  • This method is also preferred to revive dormant hair follicles. It stimulates the hairs that act as a stimulant to ensure new hair growth.
  • PRP hair treatment provides hair growth. It also helps the hair to look more lively, shiny and healthy.
  • Who is PRP Hair Treatment Applied to?

PRP hair treatment is applied for people who have healthy hair roots and experience hair loss. Although a lot of hair loss is seen in these patients, there is no complete baldness. In this case, the sooner people receive PRP hair treatment, the better results they get.

This method is the most beneficial for women and men who experience thinning of their hair, male pattern hair loss, and for anyone who experiences hair loss. However, PRP procedure is not applied to lactating and pregnant women. In addition, PRP hair treatment is not applied to blood thinners, cancer patients and people who have had cancer in the past.

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