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Laser Eye Surgery

January 23, 20230

Correction of the shape of the cornea layer in the front of the eye with the help of laser is called laser eye surgery (Excimer). The aim here is to change the refractive degree of the eye lens. Thus, the eye number is corrected.

This method is frequently preferred for astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia problems. With the technological developments in medicine, laser eye surgery is performed very comfortably.

What is Laser (Excimer) Eye Surgery?

It is already known by everyone that the eye has a great importance in terms of health. In fact, it is necessary to have an eye examination from time to time to see if there is a problem. At this stage, it is possible to change the degree for people with vision problems. In fact, in some cases, the person may not even realize that he has a degree of vision. However, when an eye examination is performed, degree and astigmatism problems may occur.

Laser eye surgery is done very easily. Because of this, the number of people who are warm to the surgery is quite high. Although some people enter the surgery with anxiety, this anxiety passes in a short time.

It is known that laser surgery was performed for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism in the patient. During this surgery, the patient’s eyes are anesthetized so that he does not feel pain. It is known that this is done with a variety of drops.

Laser (Excimer) Eye Surgery Methods

Laser eye surgery is not performed with only one method. People who will already have surgery go through a preliminary examination. Laser surgery is not performed on people who are not suitable for this examination. In general, it is seen that the surgery is valid for most people.

1- T-PRK

It is an operation performed with a device called Schwind Amaris Excimer Laser. Laser beams are sent directly to the cornea. There is less stinging during the operation. The healing process is fast.

2- PRK

The eye is renewed over time by scraping the epithelial tissue in the eye. The visualization process takes up to 4-6 weeks.

3- Lasik

With this method, the cornea is corrected more painlessly and with better quality. It is a very effective method and is known to be frequently preferred. Lasik surgery features are as follows;

  • It is a painless method.
  • It has a chance to be used even at high grades.
  • It is known that ideal vision takes up to 5 days for patients.
  • Clouding does not recur after the procedure.

4- Femto-Lasik

It is a method on performing the corneal incision with a laser. We can say that less pressure is applied to the cornea.

What Is Done Before Laser (Excimer) Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery is not performed on people who are at risk. Because these risky people can be adversely affected by the laser. Determination of this is possible with the surgeon’s preliminary examination. With the examination, it is revealed whether the patient is suitable for the laser. Thus, the surgical process begins.

Local anesthesia is administered to the patient undergoing surgery. There are special drops for this. In addition, it is ensured that the eye is kept stable with the apparatus. The reason for this is known as getting the eye ready for laser.

Considerations After Laser (Excimer) Eye Surgery

There is no long recovery period after laser surgery. Even a bandage is not applied to the patient’s eye at the end of the operation. Instead, it is recommended to use glasses that protect from the sun and light. The important thing is not to scratch or rub the eye.

At first, the eye may be sensitive. Against pain, drops can be used a lot in the first days. Then the button of the amount is provided. It is necessary to be over 18 years old for excimer eye surgery. In addition, alternative treatments may be considered appropriate according to the patient’s condition.

The permanence of the surgery gives a lot of confidence. Already the dominance of technology makes laser eye surgery more valuable. It is possible for anyone with suitable conditions to have a happy life by having this surgery.

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