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IVF Treatment

January 23, 20230

In vitro fertilization is a reproductive technique applied to couples who do not have children. IVF method is among the most used infertility treatment methods.

What is IVF Treatment?

In vitro fertilization is an assisted reproductive technique applied to infertile couples. It is one of the most preferred infertility treatments today. It is possible to have a baby with the in vitro fertilization method in cases such as infertility of unknown cause, obstruction in the tubes, weight, advanced age, infection or low sperm quality in the man.

In IVF treatment, eggs, which are female reproductive cells, and sperm, which are male reproductive cells, are collected and brought together in a laboratory environment. The combined egg and sperm are fertilized and the treatment process is completed. The fertilized eggs begin to divide, and the first developmental stages, called embryos, take place in the laboratory environment and are then placed in the womb of the expectant mother.

Pregnancy that occurs after this stage is no different from a normal pregnancy. The only difference from natural pregnancy is that fertilization is carried out in a laboratory environment. Vaccination treatment may also be preferred before IVF, especially in male infertility. Sperm collected by this method are transferred into the uterus and pregnancy occurs.

How Successful Is Pregnancy With IVF?

In order to achieve success in IVF treatment, couples must have a baby after 9 months. In our country, on average, one out of every three couples has a child in the first IVF treatment. According to the researches of experts, the success rate in IVF treatment is seen as 100% until 2027.

Our country ranks 5th among European countries and 7th among world countries in terms of IVF success. There are some factors for the success of IVF treatment. The fact that the woman’s age is less than 35, that she is not overweight, and that the sperm quality is high, help the IVF treatment to result in a positive outcome.

Smoking on both sides, decreased sperm count, decreased ovarian reserve and immune system problems may cause the treatment to fail. In order to increase the probability of success in IVF treatment, couples should pay attention to these factors as much as possible.

How to Increase the Success Rate in IVF Treatment?

Before starting IVF treatment, it is important to evaluate and be aware of all the reasons that prevent the woman and man from getting pregnant. Good management of ovulation treatment and careful embryo transfer increase the success rate. In IVF treatment, it is possible to freeze and store the embryos of good quality that increase after the transfer.

These embryos can be dissolved at a later period and can be used for re-pregnancy. When frozen embryos are used, there is no need for drug treatment to ensure the egg development of the woman. If the embryo freezing process is done successfully, the possibility of pregnancy increases with in vitro fertilization treatment.

What are the Tests for Men and Women in IVF Treatment?

Tests for men include a general physical exam, sperm analysis, hormone tests, and ultrasound of the rectum and scrotum. With the general examination, the genital organs are examined and the drugs used, if any, are learned. Sperm analysis, on the other hand, examines sperm shapes, sperm count and sperm motility. With hormone tests, the testosterone level of the man and other male hormones are tested.

In IVF treatment, women undergo genetic tests, hysterosalpingography, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, pelvic ultrasound, ovulation test and hormone tests. In the ovulation test, the hormone level is measured and it is checked whether there are eggs.

With laparoscopy, it is checked whether there is any problem related to the ovaries, uterus and tubes from the lower abdomen. In genetic tests, it is checked whether there is any condition that may prevent pregnancy.

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