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Blefaroplasty Eyelid Surgery

January 23, 20230

Eyes and eyelids are places that make people look younger. Since droopy eyelids create a tired and unconscious look, these effects are corrected by eyelid surgery (blefaroplasty).

What is droopy eyelid?

Some people are faced with sleepy or unconscious eyes, and this is due to droopy eyelids called ptosis. This is also called eyelid drooping. The reason for the droopy eyelid is the deterioration of the muscle layer. Under normal conditions, the eyelids should cover the colored part of the eye by 1 or 1.5 mm. If the eye is closed in more than this ratio, droopy eyelid occurs.

The droopy eyelid that occurs in childhood does not change, and this may become uncomfortable as it grows. In some people, it becomes a condition that also affects vision. Early treatment is required because lazy eye may occur if it is delayed.

It can be congenital or it can occur later. Congenital droopy eyelids are caused by the underdevelopment of the muscle, which is responsible for lifting the eyelid. The subsequent drooping of the eyelid occurs with the thinning of the muscle that lifts the eyelid.

Information About Eyelid Surgery (Blefaroplasty)

It is important for many people that the eye and eyelid have an aesthetic appearance. It is considered important because the first signs of aging begin in and around the eyes. After middle age, there are sagging of the eyelids, the appearance of adipose tissue in the eyes and accumulations. In addition, wrinkles called crow’s feet appear around the eyes.

Such situations cause the eye and its surroundings to lose their aesthetic appearance. As time passes, these symptoms increase and people look more tired and older. It is possible to encounter this situation at a young age due to genetic reasons in advancing age. Young people may also have sagging and drooping eyes.

With droopy eyelids, people lose their youthful appearance and have a tired appearance. With plastic surgery, it is possible to correct this image and make the eyes look younger. The operation to be performed is quite simple and the success rate is very high. People have a younger and more lively appearance with eyelid surgery.

Eyelid Surgery Process

Since eyelid surgery is not a difficult operation, anyone can have this surgery whenever they want. The operation can take between half an hour and 1 hour. Although it is easy, patients may experience mild pain after surgery. These pains are relieved by painkillers and last for 2-3 days on average. Patients can return to their work and their social lives within 7-10 days after the operation.

During this period, it is important to go to the controls and follow the doctor’s instructions. 1 week after the operation, the doctor calls the patient for control and can extend or end the report by evaluating the progress. Although droopy eyelids improve in the first operation, the operation may need to be repeated in some patients. However, it is not possible to repeat the droopy eyelid after this situation is resolved.

Is There a Risk in Eyelid Aesthetics?

Since the droopy eyelid is a condition that disturbs people, this situation can be corrected with eyelid surgery. Since there are risks in every surgical operation, risks may arise in eyelid surgery as well. Although it is planned and programmed, the risk is always there, but it is quite low. During the operation, there are risks such as further deterioration of eye aesthetics, inability to make the eye aesthetic or damage to the eye. But these risks are very low risks.

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