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Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty – Nose Job

Nose job rhinoplasty applications are one of the aesthetic studies that many people are looking for. It is important to give an aesthetic stance for the nose, which greatly affects the appearance of the person. Especially people with large noses experience loss of self-confidence in their social lives. Nose job studies are completely personalized. A few shape studies to be given to the nose are prepared in advance and the patient is prepared for surgery for later application.

Breast Surgery

Today, breast surgery is frequently preferred among surgery operations. Breast tissue is deformed due to birth, breastfeeding, aging and developmental disorders. However, with the advancement of age, it may have deformities or congenital small or large forms. In such cases, breast surgeries is preferred.


Liposuction is popularly known as fat removal. After malnutrition and a sedentary life, lubrication occurs in some parts of the body. Although there is no definite and permanent solution to this, liposuction is often preferred as a body shaping operation.

Face Lift Surgery

Face lift surgery is one of the procedures that treat sagging and wrinkles. Thanks to this surgery, which replaces aesthetic surgery, patients get a younger and tighter skin. In some cases, it is one of the surgeries applied for medical health problems. Face lift surgery is needed especially in order to prevent sagging due to rapid weight gain and loss.


Bichectomy is an aesthetic operation also known as cheek aesthetics. It is especially applied by removing the cheek fat to give a sharper appearance to the facial lines. Bichectomy, which is also known as a part of Hollywood cheek aesthetic surgeries, is known as an operation that is frequently investigated by women.

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