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Dental Veneer

January 23, 20230

Oral and dental health is undoubtedly very important for everyone. It is of great aesthetic importance that the front teeth look beautiful, especially in terms of aesthetics. Dental veneer application, which is generally applied for anterior teeth, improves the appearance of anterior teeth. The solid structure and unchanging color of laminated teeth are ideal for restoring a natural appearance and functionality of the tooth.

What is Dental Veneer (Laminated)?

Dental veneer is the process of covering the anterior surfaces of anterior teeth with aesthetic problems with fine porcelain without causing excessive material loss. This application, also called leaf tooth, is an option that is applied in cases that negatively affect aesthetics such as stains that do not improve with whitening, intermittent teeth, deformity.

After deciding on the desired image to be obtained with laminated leaf porcelain teeth, some shaping is done on the teeth in the first session. Then, the measurements are made and the record of the teeth is sent to the laboratory.

At this stage, the color selection to be used in porcelain laminated veneer processes is also made. Laminated tooth bonding is performed with the help of adhesive systems for laminated teeth prepared in laboratories.

To Whom Is Dental Veneer (Laminated) Applied?

Today, there are many people who want to have laminated teeth application. Laminated tooth veneer application, which offers an aesthetically beautiful appearance, is generally applied to people who are uncomfortable with the appearance of the teeth. However, laminated veneer application is applied to the following people:

  • Anyone over the age of 18 can have it done.
  • People should not have a habit of clenching or have been treated. Porcelain laminate made in this way can be used more healthily and for a long time.
  • It is applied to people who want to have the desired tooth whiteness.
  • This application can be done if the tooth crookedness is not excessive.
  • Dental veneer laminate application can be applied to restore worn teeth to their old youth.
  • For people with broken or cracked teeth, this app is the best treatment.

How is Dental Veneer (Laminated) Made?

The following applications are made during lamination:

  • First of all, the patient’s expectations are listened to and in line with these expectations, porcelain leaf tongue modeling is mock-up.
  • The determined shape is applied to the patient with the help of fluid composite. At this stage, the patient can see the finished teeth and their position in the mouth.
  • After the application, interviews are made with the patient and if the expectations are met, the next stage is passed.
  • First, regional anesthesia is applied.
  • After the anesthesia, necessary arrangements are made on the teeth to which leaf porcelain veneers will be made.
  • After the arrangements are finished, the measurements are taken.
  • After the measurements taken are transferred to the laboratory, the tooth making process begins.
  • Laminated tooth veneers, which are finished in the laboratory, are adhered to patients with special adhesives in about 2 hours.
  • What are the Advantages of Dental Veneer (Laminated)?

Laminated veneer application provides benefits to people in terms of aesthetics and many more. The advantages of dental laminate veneer applications are as follows:

  • It does not discolor like natural teeth or filling teeth. Laminated veneer teeth, which are not affected by substances such as tea or coffee, remain as clean as the first day after years.
  • It provides a natural appearance as its light transmittance is close to natural teeth.
  • During the production of laminate veneers, only the front surfaces of the teeth wear very little material. In people with short or small teeth, no wear is required.
  • There is no limitation in color selection. The patient can have as many light-colored teeth as he wants.
  • Laminated veneer tooth making process is very short. Therefore, beautiful smiles can be achieved within 5 days.

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