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BBL Buttock Aesthetics

January 23, 20230

BBL is an operation also known as Brazilian butt lift. With BBL butt aesthetics, a more upturned and rounded butt image is obtained.

What is BBL Buttock Aesthetics?

In BBL butt lift, excess fat is removed from the belly, waist and leg areas and placed on the buttock. Thanks to this operation, patients both get rid of their regional excess fat and have a more rounded and upright butt. With the BBL butt aesthetics, which are specially made for each patient, people have a natural buttock appearance. With BBL buttock aesthetics, patients have the look they want.

What is the Process Before the Operation?

In order for the surgery to be successful, the patient must be willing and also psychologically ready for the process. After the examinations of the plastic surgeon, the technique is selected according to the demands and expectations of the person. Before the operation, tests deemed appropriate by the doctor are applied and the operation is performed under general anesthesia. If you are a smoker before the surgery, you must stop smoking 24 hours before.

You should stop consuming alcohol 1 week before and if you are using blood thinners, you should not take them either. People with chronic diseases should definitely inform their doctor. It is necessary to stop consuming caffeinated foods and beverages 24 hours before and to remove nail polish. The doctor tells the patient when to eat for the last time.

How is BBL Buttock Aesthetics Performed?

In BBL buttock aesthetics, also known as Brazilian butt lift, people’s own fat tissues are used, but it is also possible to use a silicone butt prosthesis. Recently, more people’s own fat tissues are used in BBL buttock aesthetics. As the first step in Brazilian buttock aesthetics, liposuction is performed with fat removal.

At this stage, fat tissues from the waist area and belly are removed by laser liposuction or vaser method. These fats are then injected into the butt area. In this way, people have a more shaped and upright hip image. They also get rid of excess adipose tissue.

In the silicone prosthesis method, the required size of the silicone prosthesis is placed in a way that does not damage the butt tissue of the patients. Liposuction method is generally used in butt lift or butt reduction procedures. With this procedure, the excess fat tissue in the hip is removed and stitched in a way that it will stand more upright and taut.

BBL Buttock Aesthetics Recovery Process

Patients who have BBL buttock aesthetics should be kept under observation in the hospital for 1 day after the operation. For the next 3 days, it is recommended to lie down and rest. It is possible for patients to return to their normal life after the fourth day. It is necessary to make calm movements so that the seams are not damaged. Pain exercise, brisk walking is not recommended until the doctor allows it.

There is no problem in sitting after the operation. In the first week, bruises, swelling and redness in the butt area are also considered normal by experts. These scars or bruises, swellings disappear after the first month and a natural appearance is obtained.

What Should Be Considered?

Pain and aches that may occur after Brazilian butt lift may cause concern in patients. That’s why it’s important to know what to watch out for. It is recommended by experts not to shower in the first three days of Brazilian butt lift. After the operation, the corset recommended by the doctor should be worn for at least 3 weeks and the corset should be removed only in the bathroom.

It is important for patients to know that pain and ache is normal for a few days after butt lift surgery. It is possible to overcome these pains with painkillers. Heavy exercises and walking should not be done for a few weeks after aesthetic surgery.

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