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January 23, 20230

Liposuction is popularly known as fat removal. After malnutrition and a sedentary life, lubrication occurs in some parts of the body. Although there is no definite and permanent solution to this, liposuction is often preferred as a body shaping operation.

Accordingly, liposuction is a surgical intervention to shape the body in areas of the body that develop stubborn lubrication such as hips, hips, neck, knees, jowls, and abdomen.

In Which Situations Is Liposuction Applied?

The removal of regional fat in the body by surgical procedure is called liposuction. In non-standard cases such as pregnancy and constant weight gain, the result of the application is not expected to be permanent by itself. Conditions such as skin sagging and cellulite that occur after pregnancy and childbirth cannot be eliminated by liposuction.

Accordingly, although liposuction does not completely eliminate the formation of cellulite, it still provides a smooth skin appearance, since it is applied to the area close to the skin surface. Liposuction is not a method that can be applied alone for people who constantly gain and lose weight.

As a result of sagging skin in people who gain and lose weight, tummy tuck and sagging skin operations are also performed together with liposuction. In order to preserve the aesthetic appearance in the long term, the person should regulate his eating habits and exercise regularly.

In Which Areas Is Liposuction Applied?

The body structures of men and women are different from each other. For this reason, it is normal for the types of lubrication to be seen in different regions. In women, the areas where fat is formed are usually places such as the hips, belly and hips, but in men, the back, abdomen, breast and lateral areas of the waist.

For this reason, while women have liposuction applied to the hips, abdomen and navel areas, men mostly have it done on the abdomen, breasts and waist. In addition, underarm lubrication is frequently seen in women. For this reason, one of the most common places where liposuction is applied is under the arm.

Liposuction, which is an aesthetic application, also allows the operation to be performed without leaving any traces in the under-chin application. Laser lipolysis technique, which is a kind of liposuction application, is usually the armpit glands that sweat constantly. Laser lipolysis applied to the armpit area also prevents sweating and offers people a comfortable life.

What Are the Types of Liposuction?

Advances in technology also increase the variety and success rate of liposuction applications. Among these applications, types and techniques of liposuction consist of:

SAL: In the SAL technique, known as the vacuum assisted liposuction technique, liquid is injected into the area where the fat will be removed before the operation. Afterwards, oil extraction is performed by entering 3 mm diameter cannulas through the 2 mm incisions opened in the area.

UAL: Ultrasonic liposuction application is easier than the classical liposuction method. With ultrasonic sound waves, only the fat cells to be absorbed are targeted.

PAL: With the help of PAL special moving cannulas, which is power assisted liposuction, the desired fat is removed by entering large areas.

WAL: In water-assisted liposuction, the fats are turned into a slurry with the help of water injected under the skin and suction is performed with the help of a cannula.

RFAL: With the classical vacuuming method of radio-frequency assisted liposuction, the skin, which is heated by laser under the fat suction process, becomes tare.

Healing Process After Liposuction

Postoperatively, patients are discharged after being followed overnight. Bandages applied after the operation should be used for 4 weeks or longer, depending on the feature of the body area from which fat was removed. In order to avoid edema and bruising, the recommendations given by the doctor must be followed. Then the patient can return to his social life in a few days.

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