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Breast Surgery

January 23, 20230

Today, breast surgery is frequently preferred among surgery operations. Breast tissue is deformed due to birth, breastfeeding, aging and developmental disorders. However, with the advancement of age, it may have deformities or congenital small or large forms. In such cases, breast surgeries is preferred.

What is the Purpose of Breast Surgeries?

The aim of breast surgeries is to give the shape of the breast according to the weight, height and body ratio of the person. For this, it is controlled by two-dimensional or three-dimensional measurements. Thus, it is aimed to provide people with the desired appearance in order to correct the breast asymmetry, increase the volume with the implant technique, correct the external appearance of the breast, eliminate factors such as neck and back pain due to breast size, and posture disorder.

Fat injection indication and breast implants are among the choices to achieve these results. But implants are more preferred. Breast implants are one of the commonly used methods for breast augmentation and breast shaping.

There are also different types such as drop or round shaped, rough or smooth surface. With these varieties, it is aimed to achieve the look of one’s dreams. In addition, augmentation surgery is often preferred simultaneously with mastopexy surgery.

Who is Breast Surgeries Applied?

Breast surgeries is one of the appropriate surgery surgery methods for people who are not satisfied with their breast size, those who have loss of form and filling in their breasts, or those who have symmetry problems. In addition, breast surgeries is applied to people who have problems due to the size of their breasts and who have lost one or both of their breasts after various diseases such as cancer.

Breast surgeries is a procedure that is not performed during pregnancy. In this sense, specialist doctors report that breast surgeries during pregnancy is inconvenient. In addition, breast surgeries should not be preferred for the postpartum breastfeeding period. Although breast implants are not harmful to the health of the baby, breast surgeries should be preferred after the breastfeeding period in order not to affect the breastfeeding period and to make the operation healthier.

Apart from these, it is recommended not to perform breast surgeries until the body development period is completed. In this sense, people should not rush and complete their body development periods. The same is true for people who are considering losing weight. Although weight gain and loss do not directly affect the implants, it does affect their appearance.

What Are the Types of Breast Surgeries?

Breast surgeries is performed with the aim of gaining a more pleasant appearance. In this sense, there are many types. Types of breast surgeries include:

  • Breast Augmentation: Breast augmentation surgery is applied to people who have problems such as sudden weight gain and loss, postpartum, and small breasts that are out of proportion to the body.
  • Breast Reduction: Developmental reasons, weight gain, the use of certain drugs can cause breast size. Extremely large breasts both look bad and cause neck and back pain. In such cases, breast reduction operation is applied.
  • Breast Lift: After aging, the body loses its elastic structure, and after pregnancy and breastfeeding, sagging of the breasts may occur. Breast lift surgery is performed with a prosthesis placed under the breast.
  • Gynecomastia: It is a breast reduction operation for men. Fat accumulating around the breast as a result of hormonal reasons or some diseases causes gynecomastia.

What are Breast Surgeries Techniques?

It is very important that the surgical intervention, which will be preferred in breast surgeries, is concluded with the least damage. In this sense, shape, size and filling material are selected according to the needs and wishes of the person. An incision is made from the fold under the breast and the implant is placed under or over the muscle. Thus, it is ensured that the breast is well visible on the body. This method can also be applied with an incision made from the nipple or armpit. However, the cut under the breast provides less deformation of the breast.

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